X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator 2.5D Full Cover for Apple

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X.One® Extreme FULLSCREEN Coverage! Available now for Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 Plus & iPhone X

✓ 2.5D Fullscreen Coverage
✓ Unibody Design - no more separated pieces.
✓ 5X Shock absorption - Stronger screen.
✓ Uncrackable edges - unlike tempered glass.
✓ Made from polymer and silicon materials from Japan.
✓ Smooth Touch Experience

What's the difference between 2.5D vs 3D Fullscreen?
2.5D - a small gap is allocated around the perimeter of the screen protector to allow most cases to fit perfectly.
3D - no gap around the screen protector, most cases will interfere or flip up the screen protector.

Why does our customers choose X.One®?
✓ Established since 2011 with over 30million pcs sold worldwide.
✓ Innovative and staying ahead of the market needs.
✓ World's leading screen protector brands in nano-silicon shock absorption technology.
✓ Product quality and performance certified by SGS and TUV - world's leading certification bodies.
✓ International brand with customers across 5 continents.

Unibody design. Hassle free from disturbing layers on your screen protector. The inner rectangle piece of the protector does not flip up at all so you can enjoy a better-using experience.

Upgraded Shock Resistance capability that can absorb up to 5X the shock impact of an original screen. It can effectively absorb direct impact on your device's screen resulting from accidental drops and bumps.

Built to fit the perimeter of your case that allows you to use the case of your choice!

Made of ultra-durable PET material, therefore will not deform or crack upon bending. This enables flexibility, unlike tempered glass, may crack or break easily during removal.

For Apple iPhone X