Zendazzle Glamour & Glitz Sticker for iPhone 6/6S, 6+/6S+ & 7/7+

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Over 7300pcs Sold! Glamorous and Perfect for the night out!

Zendazzle Glamour Glitter Sticker. Glamorous and Perfect for the night out!
✔ Scratch Resistance. Protect your phone from dust, scratch and dirt.
✔ High Quality Material. Ensure great user experience.
✔ Surface Coating. Ensure the glitters to not come off and long lasting.
✔ Washable and Reusable. Ensure repeated use.
✔ Imported 3N Glue. Stick while not affecting original iPhone.
✔ Leave No Mark Behind. No dirty adhesive after taking the sticker off.
✔ Luxurious iPhone. Change the whole appearance of your iPhone into something brand new.
✔ Super Thin. Thinner than case while still provide protection.
✔ Perfect Cut Outs. Stick accurately on your iPhone.
✔ Available colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Pink, Rose Gold

Super Easy Installation

Customer Reviews

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It is not too bad~

The stickers are really glittery, and very lovely. Only thing is that it dont fit very well. Alittle bit too small for the phone. I got to pull and stretch it to make it fit the buttons.